Derek Rose named NBA MVP

Chicago Bulls star Derek Rose, 22, was named the youngest NBA Most Valuable Player this past week. The outstanding guard for the Bulls deserves this award by a landslide. His abilities and talents are unremarkable for such a young ball player. He seems to be following in the footsteps of the other greatest Chicago Bull of all time, Michael Jordan. Every game the Bulls play seems to also be called “the Derek Rose show”. His ridiculously quick speed makes him unstoppable for his opponents. A job well done, Derek, and good luck in game 2 against Atlanta!


Atlanta v. Chicago Playoffs

The seemingly unstoppable Chicago Bulls  proved themselves to be easily humbled in game one against the Atlanta Hawks. The home game for the Bulls started out with great defense by the Hawks, preventing much scoring from the Bulls, even D.Rose himself. The Bulls seemed to get their act together, but not until well through the second quarter. They began to show their fighting spirit, retaliating against the Hawks, letting everyone see the great team they can be, if only they could’ve held it. They fell apart again at the end of the fourth quarter, just when they needed it. Hopefully tonights game 2 will prove more successful for this aspiring Chicago team.

Kerrigan to Redskins

Purdue’s Ryan Kerrigan was the 16th draft pick to the Washington Redskins last night for the 2011 NFL Draft. This is a very exciting moment for all Purdue fans! We wish him the best of luck in his career. 

Big Ten Blog

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Chicago Bulls Playoffs Game 2

The Chicago Bulls proved themselves this past weekend with a win against the Indiana Pacers. With a record of 36-5 at home, it came to no surprise they were able to deliver in their own court.

The Bulls will play game 2 of 7 tonight at 9:30 ET in Chicago.

Game Preview

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